Our Latest Product Release Gives Call Centers a Powerful Tool to Execute and Evaluate Coaching Programs

Now, managers can better coordinate their time and attention and leaders can ensure the right coaching strategy is being implemented.

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The update gives managers, reps, and senior leadership unprecedented visibility into the coaching that is happening by rep and by team over time. It also highlights gaps in coaching activity and rep engagement, which guides managers where to focus to ensure no team members slip through the cracks. Call center leaders can then use this information to evaluate how well managers are implementing their designed coaching program and whether the strategy is serving the needs of the business.

What does this all mean for call center teams? The new features enable call centers to better execute and evaluate their coaching strategies, ensuring more efficient programs, lower costs, higher performance across the board, and better employee and customer experiences.

Here's what Dan Miller, Head of Customer Success at VoiceOps, had to say about the product release: "Good coaching requires consistent, two-way engagement and coordination between managers and reps. We've heard from our customers how important it is that all reps get the appropriate coaching coverage they need, and that each rep is truly engaged with the coaching program. This product enhancement makes it easier for managers to connect and coordinate with reps, which will make coaching programs executed with the VoiceOps Coaching Enablement Platform even more effective and these teams even more successful."

The new functionality became available to all existing VoiceOps customers this week, and will be included as part of the Coaching Enablement Platform solution for all new customers. If you're curious about how your team's performance can improve with coaching enablement, click below to learn more about VoiceOps.

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