Careers at VoiceOps

Play a big role in unlocking customer conversations

Solve a big problem for a big market

Join a community of like-minded people

We spend most of our waking hours together, and it’s really important to us that VoiceOps is a place where people find a tight-knit community that makes this more than a job. We’re diverse in all sorts of ways, but there are two traits we all share and that we don’t compromise on:


We are all extremely ambitious about the future, gritty when things get hard, and excited to work really hard towards a shared goal.


We all can think deeply and critically about problems, within one’s domain and across the business.

Our operating principles

Play the long game

We’re all here to build something beautiful together, and also to benefit from it together. The result is that we all take lower salaries in favor of higher equity. We don’t go after flashy things like press, and our daily product & go-to-market decisions reflect a 5-to-10 year outlook.

Quality over quantity

We think it’s better to be great at a few things than average at a bunch of things. In our daily team standup, we each announce one top-priority task that we’re going to achieve that day. We also keep our team small and high quality, and our product has fewer features in favor of making each feature really great.


We have found that being really smart and tenacious are better predictors of success than having lots of experience. Regardless of experience level, everyone here has lots of ownership and we all trust each other to do great work. We don’t focus much on people’s resumes or domain knowledge.

Life at VoiceOps

VoiceOps has been one of the most intense and fulfilling experiences of our lives. If you join us, you’ll probably feel that way, too. Here’s what life at VoiceOps looks like:

Weekly Kickoff

9:15am Monday meeting where we each share how we’re doing and set our weekly goals

Daily standups

15-minute standup where we each announce our top priority for the day, identify blockers, and surface any issues that need attention

Mid-week product review

Mid-week, we sit around a monitor, tinker w/ v1 of a new product feature, and give feedback

Community dinner

Food provided by VoiceOps, a good chance to hang out and take a break

Friday drinks & retrospective

At the end of what was likely an intense week, we crack open some beers, celebrate the wins, give shout outs to people who did amazing things, and reflect on where things could improve for the following week

Annual Scottsdale week

We get a large AirBnB w/ a pool, etc in Scottsdale AZ where many of our customers reside. We go visit customers and also do shenanigans


There are lots of games at the office, including a Nintendo Switch, Scrabble, chess, Taboo, etc. We often take breaks during the day to play games

Monthly breakfast with the CEO

Standing one-on-one breakfast for you to provide feedback, share ideas, etc.

Careers at VoiceOps

Full-Stack Engineer

San Francisco, CA

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Front-End Engineer

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Account Executive

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Customer Operations Manager

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Product Manager

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Office Manager

San Francisco, CA

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