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Manual QA doesn’t scale. VoiceOps does the job of transcribing and analyzing your team’s conversations so you can provide the most valuable, actionable, and data-driven feedback to your entire team.

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"It changes everything.
With VoiceOps, the quantity and quality of our call data is higher, and that means more effective coaching and greater buy-in from our agents."

Alan Chambless - Weebly, VP of Customer Success


  • Top sales performer is 6x bottom performer, with little to no insight as to why
  • 36 hours per month, per manager is spent listening to call recordings and guessing at how to suggest effective guidance
  • Quickly scaling up sales team and no way to consistently quality control new reps and help train them on best practices with timely feedback


  • 85% time savings in coaching prep (36 monthly hours to under 6 hours)
  • Improved consistency in sales coaching across supervisors
  • Accurate metrics on selling techniques translated into stronger buy-in from reps, and faster improvements from new reps and low performers
  • More time spent on the floor, answering questions as an effective sales leader

"[At LiveStream] We saw a 20% increase in close attempts and a 5% improvement in overall close rates. That's very impactful across a big business."

Sam Jacobs - The Muse, Chief Revenue Officer


  • Massive difference between top and bottom performers, complete lack of quantitative data to understand how call behavior was driving performance
  • Pushback from reps during coaching sessions based on lack of data behind feedback, e.g. “I’m already doing what you’re suggesting.”
  • Struggling to scale the most successful behavior to other members on the team
  • Strong coaching culture and recurring time weekly for coaching sessions, but ambiguity in what areas to focus feedback on and no clear playbook for coaching sessions


  • Access to data showing behavioral differences based on core skills provided both managers and individual reps transparency into cause for difference in performance
  • Increased engagement from reps and recognition of areas for improvement during coaching sessions due to data-driven process vs. instinct-driven
  • Once benchmarked against a team average and top performers, clear signal into what behavior is lagging in bottom performers and how to coach to that
  • 20% increase in total close attempts, 5% increase in successful close attempts

"I would absolutely recommend VoiceOps to any sales organization - even with my small team, it does the job of 3 managers.

Now we have much more targeted coaching sessions and can look at the data at a glance, and immediately recognize if we have a deficiency in our solutions selling, or referrals.

Joe Davis - Intermedia, Sr. Account Management


  • Significant time spent listening to call recordings by management, monitoring and searching for coaching opportunities.
  • Lack of clarity around individual rep behavior with cross-selling, referral sales, or which reps even mention referrals during calls.
  • Lack of consistency in coaching, ambiguity in where to coach to affect greatest change in close rates and new business.


  • Completely removed the need to listen to calls - coaching opportunities are highlighted and differences in reps are clear within the dashboard
  • Instantly clear which reps weren't cross-selling other products or mentioning referrals, +190% increase in referral mentions
  • 32% increase in close attempts, 12% increase in successful close attempts

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