You’ll be surprised by what’s not happening on your sales calls.

VoiceOps uncovers critical coaching opportunities in your calls. Optimized for high-volume sales teams.

$100 per month seems like a lot.
Uh huh, I can give you 15% off..
Your rep didn’t try to isolate the objection first.
I’ll have to think about it.

VoiceOps finds you critical coaching opportunities

We bring managers right to the most critical issues across thousands of calls, so that they can spend most of their time on their highest-leverage activity — coaching.

Drill down into specific coaching opportunities

We bring you to the specific point in a call where there’s an issue, so that you can coach by way of example in your 1-1s and daily floor interactions. Annotate and share with your rep.

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track your progress

Track progress as you coach

Use our dashboard to make sure your team’s behaviors are trending upward. Keep tabs on whether anyone is slipping away from good sales behaviors.

How we do it

After transcribing your calls, we use a combination of machine-learning and QA to get human-level insight into every call, accurately and at scale.

alan chambless

Alan Chambless

VP of Customer Success


I was frankly amazed at how quickly the analysis came back, but I was even more amazed at how spot-on the initial set of analysis was.

Data-driven coaching can step-change your sales organization

checkIncrease close rates & average deal size with smarter sales calls

checkEliminate manager time spent looking for xyz

checkRedeploy your QA team to higher-leverage activities

checkBuild trust with reps on coaching

VoiceOps customers get results in 3 months

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Getting started is easy!

easy integration

Easy Integration

Connect with any call recording system, including custom and on-prem. We do all the work, not your IT team.

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Large enterprises trust VoiceOps with their data. We’re GDPR and PCI compliant.

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24/7 Support

Dedicated account manager and 24/7 technical support.

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